Experts now predict that the current generation of US children will be the first in history to live shorter lives than their parents. Chronic illness and autoimmune conditions are truly a problem of modern industrialized countries. The question remains, "Why?" Chronic illness is an outcome of imbalances in the key underlying physiological systems in your body. When inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, digestive issues, oxidative stress, hormonal problems, and systemic upset occur the body spirals out of balance. This, in conjunction with poor diet, lack of essential nutrients, emotional stress, environmental toxins, lack of exercise, and other lifestyle issues set the stage for chronic disease to develop.​ By treating the patient holistically we are able to determine the root cause of the dysfunction and then rebalance, replenish and restore the optimal function of the body to achieve your personal health goals. 


"When it comes to your health we don't guess, we TEST."


Genetic, hormone, micronutrient, food sensitivity, microbiome and other types of testing all give us insight into the root of your health conditions and gives us a starting point from which to base further re-evaluations, as well as allows for accurate and individualized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. Functional Diagnostic Testing is different from conventional testing in that it is much more thorough and  looks to determine if organs and systems are functioning within optimal ranges, rather than simply testing for the presence of disease, we are looking to determine WHY the patient is experiencing the symptoms they feel and how we can optimize their health. 

Have you ever been confused by whether or not a food/ nutrition plan might be right for you? Functional Health practitioners are expertly trained to help you sort through food plans, fad diets, and nutritional advise.  What may work wonders for your friend or sister may not be the best match for your body. That is because we are all genetically and biochemically different than one another. For instance, those with the APOE4 genetic variation should not consume a high fat (Paleo or Ketogenic) diet. However, someone with an APOE2 variation will do very well on this plan. In addition, some food plans were only meant to be used therapeutically, or short term, and employing them at the wrong times, or for too long, or without the proper supervision and nutritional support, can be detrimental to your health. Cutting carbs out of your diet on a whim may sound like a good idea, but for those suffering from adrenal fatigue it may lead to exacerbating symptoms and without proper microbiome support may lead to irritability, anger, inability to sleep, and other unpleasant symptoms. Functional Health practitioners help sort out the "why, when and for whom" a nutritional plan should be implemented, as well as what nutritional support is needed during this time. These plans are customized for each patient individually. We are here to help you sort out the confusion allowing you to feel better as quickly as possible.

nutritional FOOD PLANS

Part 1: (60 minutes) We take an extensive personal history, perform a physical exam, and create a comprehensive and detailed Timeline and Matrix to help us determine the root cause of your health issues. Bring all medications and supplements you are currently taking with you to this visit. As well as SINGLE SIDED COPIES of all prior labs.

Part 2: (30 minutes) We discuss our findings as well as various options and recommendations. Together, as a team, we will determine your best path to optimal health. You will be given the test kits deemed necessary as well as nutritional, homeopathic, and herbal/botanical therapy, supplements, food plans and lifestyle recommendations. 

After, you may hear from us via phone, email, and/or text to discuss what to expect on your first visit and to walk you through filling out the new patient forms.

It is vitally important to take the time to fill out these thorough patient forms at least 3 days prior to our initial visit, so the doctor may review your case.

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New Patient Office Visit WITH THE DOCTOR 

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INITIAL Follow-up Office Visit

Follow-up visitS 

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90 minutes total in 2 visits- $300

60 MINUTES, ABOUT 4 WEEKS after new patient visit- $200

60 minutes, by ZOOM OR phone- $200
30 minutes, BY ZOOM or PHONE- $100 

We may meet periodically thereafter, if needed, to discuss your progress and make changes accordingly. We may discuss the findings of test results and adjust our plan accordingly. We will educate you on important health topics related to your health plan. 

We will schedule a visit 4 weeks later to discuss your progress, the findings of your test results, and to adjust our plan accordingly. Follow-up tests may be recommended depending on the results of initial testing.  

Our office visits are considered "above the standard of care" and therefore elective as far as the insurance industry is concerned. Insurance may cover some testing and services but not all. We do everything we can to make sure our care is affordable, and available to everyone! Functional Health is not just for the wealthy. Most of our patients are working class people who want to get healthy and feel great. Our top patient bases are nurses and blue collar workers. The overall price of care depends on several factors, including the complexity of your condition, the extent of lab testing required, the combination of natural remedies and other therapies needed during treatment, and the number of consultations you receive. These are all determined by the patient and doctor together. We accept cash, check, all credit and bank debit cards, as well as HSA (Health Savings Account) cards as payment.


We would love nothing more than to help you discover your path to optimal health as our patient. So if we are able, let's get together and dig deep into your health. And if we are too far apart, let's let the interwebs connect us. Here's what we are up to ...

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